Our Objectives

  • Educate young professionals about the pipeline industry.
  • Create leadership opportunities for the next generation of pipeline professionals within YPP as well as in support of other industry organizations.
  • Foster relationships and build a network for the betterment of the industry.

Who Can Join?

Industry Member

    • Be no more than 35 years of age in the membership year
    • Be employed or actively seeking employment by a pipeline owner/operator, service company, vendor or a consulting company which directly serves the pipeline industry and have internal stakeholder support for YPP membership.

Student Members

  • Have or are pursuing a degree from an accredited four year university ,or have completed or are enrolled in a program which provides higher education around the pipeline industry.

Why Join?

  • Professional networking with peers and senior leadership
  • Technical and professional training through technical presentations and site visits.
  • Discounts on some training courses
  • Leadership opportunities within the YPP

Contact Us

For more information about YPP USA and for news and events, please visit our website or email us.

YPP Work Groups


Establish charter, membership criteria, strategic plan, establishment guidelines for local chapters, etc.

Stakeholder Outreach

Identify and interact with industry stakeholders including but not limited to professional technical organizations (ASME, NACE), industry associations (Houston & Tulsa Pipeliners), industry organizations (CEPA, API, AOPL, SGA, INGAA), pipeline operators, universities, consulting companies, pipeline service organizations.

Communication and Social Media

Disseminate information on YPP including development of standardized communications to provide insight into the status of this journey, what YPP is about, where it is going, and how to be become involved.

Event Planning

Coordinating all events including developing details for Communication and Social Media, organizing any facilities, and ensure all logistics are covered for including contracts, payments, venues, invitees, agendas, etc.

Community of Practice

Since YPP USA will have a focus on technical training and development, CoP will develop a roadmap of how young professionals can learn more about the pipeline industry and advance technical understanding including professional development. This may include aligning with organizations such as SGA, NACE, ASME to provide recommendations and/or support for professional development.


Develop a program for volunteer recruitment, engagement and retention. Identify avenues for recruiting volunteers and ensure that the experience of on-boarding volunteers is effective. Provide leadership in positioning volunteers in the best work groups.

Chapter Development

Develop the framework and guidelines for developing chapters within the US that would feed into YPP USA. For various local chapters (Houston, Tulsa, Columbus, etc.), work with local young professionals to get local chapters functional and engaged.

Community of Interest

Develop roadmap for creating interest in the pipeline community by working with Universities, high schools, etc. Develop presentation materials and mechanisms to promote the pipeline industry and the opportunity for how specific interests may be applied to the pipeline industry. Possibly bridge scholarship opportunities, internships, and/or interviews/hiring.


Assess the interest for engaging for this organization and chapters to give back to the community in areas outside of the pipeline industry. This may include United Way, American Red Cross or other similar organizations.

YPP International

Establish communications and engagement with existing young pipeline professional organizations including but not limited to YPAC, YPF. Lead the development of a Charter and remit for YPP INT and solicit support from above Work Groups to support the development ofYPP INT in parallel.

Senior Advisory

Industry leaders that will provide support and guidance to YPP USA and YPP INT throughout the journey.